Caring for Couture

Your collection of haute couture, designer ready to wear and collectible handbags and accessories may be of significant value and it may be wise to insure it. These high-end wardrobes can be exposed to threats commonly excluded from even the most comprehensive homeowner policies.

Invest in the right storage materials: Garment bags should be made of breathable fabrics like muslin. As for tissue paper, it should be acid-free to wrap your delicate garments.

Ventilate your closet: Dark, airy spaces work best to allow your clothes to breath. If you have a closed-off space, be sure to open the doors and turn on fans on a regular basis. Do not leave clothes in plastic dry-cleaning bags as they trap in gasses that can cause discoloration.

Know what needs to be folded: Knits, beaded items, bias-cut, and lacy pieces should be folded with acid-free tissue paper between each layer to safeguard the fibers.

Know what you have: consider cataloging and photographing your collection/closet. This can help you and the insurance company replace your wardrobe in the event of a claim. We can recommend a specialist who can assist in doing so, and provide recommendations on how to best preserve your wearable collection.