Artwork on Canvas

Avoid sunlight and congested areas: Keep your artworks out of direct sunlight and away from very busy and potentially messy areas (such as the kitchen near a stove where airborne grime from cooking oils could impact your art).

Avoid extreme changes in atmosphere: This can negatively affect the state of your artwork. Excessive dryness, humidity, heat or cold is not good for your canvased art.

No glass framing: Do not frame artworks on canvas under glass because canvas needs to breathe. Glass frames may trap moisture inside the frame. Canvases experience small, subtle shifts over time due to mild atmospheric changes, so it is best to leave them without glass to allow them to flow with these slight changes.

Dusting your art: Dust your artwork (do not use cleaning products or water) and check its condition periodically. Noticing the slightest fading or cracking can prompt you to get it fixed or move it to a better place and avoid damaging it further.

Do not fix it yourself: You should not attempt to fix damaged artwork yourself because amateur repairs can reduce the value drastically. Take it to the place of purchase for a referral or we can recommend a conservator.

Keep things off the canvas: If your artwork is low hanging, being transported or being stored, do not lean anything against the surface.

Storing your artwork: Separate them with pieces of cardboard to avoid damage. Do not cover your pieces with plastic for long periods of time. If there is humidity in the air, they may start to grow mold. Cotton sheets are best for keeping dust away.

Transporting your artwork: Wrap each piece well. To properly package your artwork, put a heavy piece of cardboard over the front and back, then bubble wrap the piece and place in a suitable heavy cardboard box. We can recommend a specialist to help transport and install your collection as well.

Artwork on Paper

Avoid sunlight: Direct sunlight will compromise the paper over time.

Glass framing: Frame under non-glare glass, treated with a coating to protect the work from UV sunlight if possible.

Avoid Moisture: To avoid moisture damaging your painting, ensure that the mat and backing of your frame is made of acid free paper and finished with acid free tape.