Caring for Classic Cars

If you keep your classic car well maintained, it can increase in value. The below listed factors can affect a classic car’s value.

Keep your car clean year-round: Don’t let dirt or dust build up because they can cause problems such as impaired performance, chipping paint, and rust. After washing your car, rinse well and use a chamois or other soft rag to dry it thoroughly. This removes residual soap scum and prevents water marks. A good coat of wax can add another layer of protection and enhance the car’s beauty.

Don’t make modifications because it will reduce the value of the car.

Keep it as original as possible: Repair parts when you can or try to locate a stock part. Avoid using a modern part in a classic car because it will reduce the value.

Regular maintenance: It is especially important for classics because they help you catch issues before they become real problems and it provides documentation that demonstrates how well you have cared for the car.

Store the car properly: Try to keep your car indoors, especially if you are in an area that has extreme weather, and consider installing a climate control system in your garage.